Members of the Board

Carole Meier

Master Sociology
Project Manager

Enzo Beretta


Bluette Blanc

Coordinator and
Project Manager

Members of the Board are appointed on an honorary basis. Donations received are up to 90% allocated to various projects supported by Scintillae Foundation. Costs exceeding 10% are paid by the Board of the Foundation. Our financial support will be exclusively dedicated to our own projects, or to projects conducted in cooperation with our own partners. Members of the Foundation and its advisors will initiate these contacts and supervise the projects.


Assisting Scintillae Foundation with technical and operational support, helping us successfully implement our projects:
They play an essential role from the inception stage of any new project until its completion. Their main contribution consists of:

– initial and on-going on-site visits for new projects

– request, review and validation of budget and construction plans from local companies for submission to our Board

– signing of all necessary documents on behalf of Scintillae Foundation

– on-going dialogues with local authorities and school teachers and provide feedback to the Foundation

– control over disbursement

Our local coordinators in Myanmar

Win Thuya

Thuya is a dynamic and motivated young man born in 1979 in Bagan. He has a Bachelor of Arts and worked for many years as a tour guide, travel agent and in marketing. At the moment he works for the French Embassy in Yangon in the Visa Section.

Thuya is managing and coordinating our schools‘ projects since 2010. He strongly feels committed to promote education in Myanmar through sustainable projects, and through his own initiative started a charitable library in his hometown Bagan.

Htar Htar

Htar Htar is a motivated young woman, born in 1981. She has a Bachelor in Business Administration and worked for many years in tourism and is managing her own travel agency since 2004.

Since 2010, she is helping our foundation as field coordinator.


They help Scintillae Foundation with technical and operational support in order to successfully implement our projects :

Ecoles du monde Madagascar

A French NGO promoting quality education in the region of Mahajanga, north west of Madagascar. The organisaton is active in  remote areas of this region by building schools, water wells, sanitary facilities and other infrastructures. They train teachers, provide healthcare and encourage sustainable development in agriculture.


This German association is active since 2004 in the small city of Miarinarivo, giving children and young people from rural areas access to education. The association provides 80 children, who attend public schools in Miarinarivo, a safe lodging with dormitories, meals, clean water as well as medical care. They also provide students pedagogical support, a library and offer them space for learning.

Nai Qala

A Swiss NGO founded by Ms Taiba Rahim, who is a Swiss Afghan with extensive hands-on experience working in difficult environments.  The Nai Qala Association has completed over 10 projects, building large schools, related infrastructure and one clinic in the region of Bamyan, center of Afghanistan.