Members of the Board

Ulrich Gnos


Bluette Blanc

Project Manager
& Coordinator

Gisela Heiligensetzer

Administrator / Finance


Esther Zimmerli

Advisor & Fundraising
Members of the Board are appointed on an honorary basis. Donations received are up to 90% allocated to various projects supported by Scintillae Foundation. Our financial support will be exclusively dedicated to our own projects, or to projects conducted in cooperation with our own partners. Members of the Foundation together with our Partners  will initiate these contacts and supervise the projects.

Our values:

We believe that every child has the right to education in a safe and happy environment. We are committed to treating children with equality and dignity by ensuring that our work always prioritizes child protection.

Project Partners
We believe in the power of Partnership


Heang Hou

Deputy Director PTD


PTD is a small local NGO registered with the Ministry of Interior in 1996. With the community at the heart of everything, PTD provides childhood education to build self-esteem and empower lives.
They provide education support to children of the region through various programs such as Kindergarten, English teaching, basic computer skills and vocational training.

Phon Ratana

Project Manager


This NGO was founded by Darrel Steer in 2015 in response to the
pressing need for clean water and sanitation in rural villages.
Darrel has proactively addressed health and hygiene issues, with a
focus on improving children’s fragile health so that children are
physically fit to access education.
In the future we intend to work in close collaboration with Darrel’s
associate, Phon Ratana, who will bring his construction experience
to manage our projects with emphasis on quality of materials and
best construction practices. We are pleased to connect with
another highly creditable NGO in Cambodia and welcome Phon
Ratana as our Project Manager.



Win Thuya

Director Badana Aid

Htar Htar

Administrator Badana Aid


Htar Htar and Thuya are our project managers since 2010 assisting our Foundation with technical and operational support, helping us to successfully implement our projects in Myanmar.
In 2017 they founded a local NGO, Badana Aid Myanmar, to promote their own program and continue to implement our projects as our local Partner. They both strongly feel committed to promoting education in Myanmar through sustainable projects.


Verein Ny Hary


This Association founded by Stefan Büschelberger is active since 2004 in the small city of Miarinarivo, giving children and young people from rural areas access to education. The association provides children, who attend public schools in Miarinarivo, a safe lodging with dormitories, meals, clean water as well as medical care. They also provide students pedagogical support, a library and offer them space for learning.

Verein Tany


Verein Tany is a Swiss NGO, founded by Lukas Uhl, engineer in Permaculture, a technology developing sustainable systems modeled from natural ecosystem.

Lukas in an engineer who spent over 8 years in Madagascar, speaks Malagasy and has set up several successful projects with training programs for students and youths.

Our partners assist the Scintillae Foundation with technical and operational support, helping us to successfully implement our projects. They play an essential role from inception stage of any new project until its completion. Their main contribution consists of:

  • initial and on-going on-site visits of projects,
  • request, review and validation of budget and construction plans from local companies for submission to our Board,
  • signing of all necessary documents on behalf of the Scintillae Foundation,
  • on-going dialogues with local authorities and school teachers and provide feed-back to the Foundation,
  • Control over disbursement