Reaching the Unreached

Giving children in remote areas a chance to learn

Building a future for children and youth in remote villages. Our goals are:

To build schools and related infrastructures (water wells and sanitary facilities) in remote villages that had no adequate school structures.

To work in close cooperation with the local authorities and communities, to clearly identify the specific needs of each project, and to ensure sustainability. 

To provide the opportunity of schooling to children denied access to education.

To fight against rural migration to large cities. 

Once the schools and infrastructures have been successfully built, we hand them over to the local community, becoming part of the country’s educational system.

How we operate:

Clearly identify the educational needs of a community

Assess the degree of commitment from various stakeholders (i.e. authorities, teachers, parents, etc.) 

Request offers from construction companies including detailed budget and plans

Identification of any factor that may jeopardise the project site (such as natural disasters, etc.)

Ensure commitment from all parties through contractual agreements

Secure the commitment of villagers to participate in the construction