Najo Ai Village, Bagan Township

School built with plastic bottles  
Where Education Meets Environment
This is the first school project of this nature that Scintillae Foundation has supported. It was designed to raise awareness of damage caused by plastic waste in the environment. This concept is being spread around developing countries, and our project is one of the first of this nature in Myanmar thanks to its introduction by our on-site coordinators. This primary school will accommodate 100 children. For years, Burmese people have traditionally kept or carried their consumable goods in leaves or clay pots. In recent years, the proliferation of plastic bags has increased and directly impacted water supplies, and indirectly air quality and health. Plastic bags are being blown into streams, ravines and rivers, contaminating the water supply.
Bottle School Concept
Children and volunteers collected plastic bottles and bags under the supervision of the Bagan Plastic Campaign Team.
Bottles were filled with plastic waste.
Instead of bricks, plastic bottles filled with plastic waste were used for the construction.
The community is made aware of the impact caused by plastic waste and the value of protecting the environment.