Hlaing Thar Yar

Plastic Bottles Educational Building

(Project to be completed as soon as conditions will permit)


Despite the enormous challenging situation caused by the Covid 19 and the political crisis in Myanmar, the first step of our project “Plastic bottles Educational Building” was partially completed mid 2021 thanks to our dedicated local partners. The project will continue as soon as conditions allow.

Project Description

Hlaing Thar Yar School compound is located at Yangon’s rapidly developing industrial zone. Due to increasing rural migration, the population in this part of the city is growing rapidly and uncontrollably. Many newcomers work in the textile industry under poor condition which forces them to live in extremely precarious circumstances.

This is the third project of this kind supported by Scintillae Foundation. It aims to raise awareness of the damage caused by plastics in this suburb. The aim was to construct a one storey school building (180m2) on the school grounds to create space for a lounge/dining room, a library for the students and an additional staff room. For the construction we have used plastic bottles for the walls, the iron roof was supported by concrete pillars, because our goal is to create a construction that can last for decades.

The second step of our project will be the renovation of the existing school.

As soon as conditions allow, additional funds are earmarked for renovating and refurnishing the existing old school, which is in a very poor condition, thus allowing students to learn in a more friendly and protected environment.