Multi-Function Education Building constructed with plastic bottles

Developing environmental awareness through education

Like many other developing countries, Myanmar is increasing suffering from environmental deterioration. Inle Lake, located in Shan State, offers a beautiful landscape to its visitors, most notably through its floating gardens, special fishing and rowing traditions and the unique way of life of its Intha people. Unfortunately, this idyllic vision is under the twin threat of the uncontrolled use of pesticides and fertilizers as well as all types of plastic matter, illustrative of the country’s current ecological issues.

Maing Thauk is a village typical of the area, nestled along the Inle lake shore, accommodating a large school compound. The village comprises around 1000 inhabitants and the school compound accommodates 700 + children and 26 teachers.

Multi-Function Education Building Completed in 2018

The building accommodates:

  • a library for more than 700 students and 26 teachers 
  • a multi-purpose room used as a reading room, for exam preparation, parent-teacher meetings, prize giving ceremonies etc.

For the construction of the 4 walls, traditional bricks were substituted by plastic bottles filled with plastic waste collected by students and villagers.

Primary school students inside the multi-function building.

Drawings showing sceneries of the Inle Lake decorate the new library in the multi-function building.

New School Building Completed in 2020

“The most beautiful building in Maing Thauk!” – that’s what the villagers call the new school with five classrooms which offers space for about 200 additional students.

Sanitation for boys, girls and teachers.