West Antananarivo

Les hauts plateaux

School inaugurated in 2016

In 2016 we built a primary school in the neighbourhood of a rural area in the small town of Miarinarivo, about 100 km from Antananarivo.

In this small community, some children cannot attend school from the lack of basic infrastructure. After having carefully studied their need and priorities, we decided to build a new public school with 2 classrooms planning to enrol 200 students attending classes in two shifts: morning and afternoon, which is common practice in Madagascar. This new primary school is replacing the temporary and improvised premises, which are in bad shape and lack space to accommodate all children.

This project was coordinated by a young German national from the association ‹NY HARY Deutschland›, who is running a boarding house, offering students from remote villages a home, food, medical care and educational support.