The village of Maevarova is located in the remote district of Besaonjo where we built a school in 2017.

When we visited this remote area in 2016, the village had no adequate school structures. Students were squeezed in a dark, deteriorated hut. Teaching was done alternately in the morning and afternoon due to lack of space. In this region only half of the population can read and write. The lack of school facilities as well as resources allocated to education explains this high level of illiteracy.

The villagers and the 2 teachers have shown great motivation and the local authorities have made available 8’000 m2 land for the new school and related infrastructure. The villagers supplied sand for the construction, planted trees and built a fence around the school area.

The project includes:

  • a new school with 2 classrooms and furniture that can accommodate about 100 students.
  • an office for 2 teachers and a small library
  • 3 sanitary blocks
  • 2 water wells

Distribution of textbooks and stationery at the inauguration day.

We built  2 water wells, one on the school compound and one in the village.

 In 2016, students were squeezed in a dark and crumbling hut.