Miarinarivo - 2 school buildings

Miarinarivo – Itasy Region

Miarinarivo is a small town surrounded by hills, with villages scattered over a vast area of around 16,000 inhabitants. Most families make their living from farming.

In a poor district to the east of the town, the lack of infrastructure was forcing too many children to learn in a dilapidated, unsanitary hangar. It was therefore urgent to find a solution to enable 150-170 children to study in adequate and safe school facilities. The overall project involved the construction of two separate buildings:

  • A primary school with 2 classrooms of 150 m2, double-shift teaching for 120 pupils (6-hour shifts, morning and afternoon, including Saturdays).
  • A pre-school with 3 classrooms for 50 children.
  • Toilets for boys and girls.
  • Furniture, desks, chairs, 4 cupboards, books, and school supplies.

The staff consists of 10 teachers assigned by the government/Ministry of Education.
The project was officially inaugurated in May 2023 in the presence of official authorities and the community.


Teachers in front of the primary 2 classrooms school building:

Preschool building with 3 classrooms:

Inauguration day