School building in Kork Trop Village, Battambang Province

Proposal for the construction of a
6 rooms school building in Kork Trop Village,
Battambang Province

Our Foundation will support Kork Trop Village with the construction of a new school building as replacement of one of the three existing school buildings.


The Ta Meun school compound located in Kork Trop village, Battambang province was first built in 1957 and operated until 1972. Between 1973 and 1975, Khmer Rouge activities intensified and education fell.
Primary schools in Ta Men were gradually reopened after January 1979 which marked the end of the obscurity of the “Khmer Rouge regime”.
Most school buildings on the site are beyond repair. The concrete base and the walls are badly damaged and pose a real danger to students and teachers. Some classrooms are closed due to insecurity.


Phase 1 – Construction of a New Schoolbuiding

To address this critical situation, the Scintillae Foundation will support the construction of a new 6 rooms school building, 390 m2 for 220 students replacing one of the three dilapidated school buildings. The construction started in August 2023.

Your contribution to this project will make a huge difference for this community.

A detailed presentation with a budget can be obtained on demand: